Chai Latte vs Thai Tea: 3 Nutrition Facts You Must Know

The sweetness of the condensed milk dominates the taste of Thai tea, but the tea leaves also add a pleasant aroma to it. Masala Chai consists of a black tea base with milk, spices, and sweetener . The spices used in Masala Chai vary by region but usually include cardamom, cloves, and cinnamon. As you can read from the ingredients mentioned above, Thai tea is much sweeter than Chai. In this case, it is only condensed milk that gets added to the mixture instead of both warm milk and condensed milk or evaporated milk. It is hard to say what Chai tea is exactly made up off because it varies by region.

The most commonly used spices in Thai tea arecardamom, tamarind seeds, cinnamon, and star anise. Other less commonly used spices include nutmeg, pepper, and ginger.These spices give Thai tea its signature flavor and aroma. Masala Chai typically contains black tea, milk, and spices like cardamom pods, cinnamon sticks, cloves, black peppercorns, and ginger.

Thai tea is a delightful beverage to have during summer. Take a strainer to separate the soak ingredients from the water. Put all these ingredients in the boiling water and steep for five minutes. Including a side item to go with this cold beverage would be great too. You may prepare this tea yourself, too, if you have the required ingredients.

Traditionally Thai tea is made with milk, and condensed milk. If you don’t like to drink your tea too sweet, you can always choose to take some sugar out or not add any sugar at all. The idea behind putting the tea from one pitcher into the other, and repeating this a few times, is done because it helps to froth the tea and milk. As mentioned above, Chai tea and Thai tea are two different types of tea.

Thai tea is a popular caffeinated beverage that originated in Thailand. But perhaps, slightly unappealing too, as pouring the tea infusion into milk instead of boiling them one cup tea maker all together is quite unheard of in these parts. Hot or cold, keeps hydrated are some ruling reasons. Is dependent on sugar or sweeteners to give it an amazing taste.

Thai tea has more of an earthy flavor, is nuttier, and has a slight hint of bitterness. Read on as this post reveals the taste profile of Thai tea, its varieties, and how to prepare it. You may also have the same question if you have yet to try this tea or planning to try one. In this case, Thai tea has become quite popular globally, especially in the United States. All information about nutrition on this website was created with help of information from the official United States Department of Agriculture database. By now you already know the various aspects in which the two drinks differ.

Fresh ginger– gives Chai a warm, spicy flavor with a hint of sweetness. You drink Thai tea on its own, while bubble tea is more like a dessert that you can add toppings to . If so, you’re probably wondering about the difference between chai and Thai tea. For something to be vegan, it is not allowed to contain any dairy ingredients.

The presence of black tea may provide some benefits to your health. The refreshing taste of this blends well with this food type. Thai tea has a creamy texture, while chai is more liquid in nature.

A cup of chai tea has approximately 120 calories because of the added milk and sugar. As perUSDA, an 8 oz of Thai tea has about 154 calories due to the condensed milk and considerable sugar. These spices lend chai tea its unique flavor and provide numerous health benefits. Plain white sugar is the most common sweetener for chai.

A full-bodied, deep chai, this unique blend draws on traditional Thai iced tea. A base of rich Chinese black tea is mixed with fragrant spices, including ginger, cardamom, and earthy whole saffron. It can be served iced or hot, simmered with your preferred milk and sweetener. For most of you out there wondering if there is a difference between chai tea and chai latte, the answer is yes, there is.