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You can use the search feature at the top of the page if you are looking for information on a specific type of doll. I already wrote an in-depth review of the new Monster High dolls, but I know there’s a lot of interest in the individual characters, so… Monster High dolls were among the very first things that I reviewed ten years ago when this blog was brand-new, so they will always have a … When I saw Malucia, the resemblance with EAH dolls was obvious, A cheaper version… I didn’t pick up on the resemblence with the EAH dolls and even now after reading your review I still don’t see it. This makes me wonder how much the other Barbie doll designs stray from their film counterparts.

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The group finds a treasure map of their local town and sets out to discover a hidden chest of jewels but finds the real treasure is their friendship. This 27th film entry stars Barbie as mermaid named Lumina who has the ability to make pearls come to life by dancing and changing colors. This 26th film entry stars Barbie and her sisters; Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea, as they set off to Switzerland for a summer horseback riding adventure.

Many of Elina’s winged friends lose their flying abilities and become weak due to a green-colored potion spread throughout the meadow by firebirds sent by an evil fairy named Laverna. Elina sets off to save her meadow and her friends by tracking down Azura, one of 7 Guardian Fairies, who would later be captured by Laverna. Along the journey, Elina encounters a young merman named Nalu with a hint of romantic feelings felt between them. This 41st and currently the latest film entry stars Barbie going on a cross-country trek with friends in this interactive special and makes big decisions about the future.

This magnificent fairy doll captures the one of her new friends’ wondrous transformation from tea-riffic tea party fashion to flight-ready fairy. But it wasn’t until 2001 that Mattel started to get into productions of their own, kachina dolls meaning mostly with direct-to-DVD content. Mattel launched its own in-house entertainment division that year and since then has sold 40 million copies of 10 Barbie DVD and VHS titles, generating more than $700 million in revenue.

All four are trained in secret by a swordmaster and soon put their talent to work to save Prince Louis, who has a hidden affection for Corrine. In this film, Elina narrates a story about a fairy named Mariposa and her friends, Rayna and Rayla, living in a distant kingdom in Fairytopia known as Flutterfield which is protected by its magical lights put in place by its ruler, Queen Marabella. Facing internal tension with the Queen’s own attendant, Lord Gastrous, and her son, Prince Carlos, Henna wants the power of the Queen and tries to take over the kingdom for herself. Mariposa and her friends take it upon themselves to venture into enemy territory to find an antidote for their beloved Queen.

They will later discover later that a friendly competition is more about becoming your best and sharing the spotlight. This 35th entry is the final feature film in the series and the last Barbie film to be originally released on home video formats and broadcast on either Nickelodeon or any other children’s television network in the United States. In this film, Barbie gets magically transported into her favorite video game and becomes a roller-skating character with blonde pigtails. She befriends two characters in the game called Bella, who is a roller-skating princess, and Kris. The two girls work together playing level after level to defeat an evil virus trying to manipulate the entire game. This 32nd film entry is about ordinary friends working together to achieve the unexpected, and stars Barbie, Teresa, and new character, Renee, as talented gymnasts who are recruited as undercover agents.

It would also prove to be the final full-length animation work of Arc Productions as they would face a payroll glitch on 1 August 2016 and shut down days later. They did however manage to do the pre-production work for the next film entry before its shut down. Later that month, they got acquired by Jam Filled Entertainment and re-open as its Toronto branch but thus left Rainmaker Entertainment as the sole film animation company again. This 31st film entry sees the return of Barbie and her sisters, Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea as they head back to their hometown of Willows, Wisconsin, where they find themselves rummaging through their grandma’s attic.

When she took it and read it out loud, her friends recognize that Barbie has a secret admirer, but Barbie wouldn’t admit it. Barbie begins to lean on a magic diary given to her by a kind and fun-to-be-with sales girl named Stephanie to help strengthen her confidence and go for her dreams. Barbie would later “rock the house” with Charmz in place of her reporter dream.

In tiny white writing on the back of the box, right next to the large Barbie and the Secret Door decoration, it says “Princess Malucia™ Doll.” Like my previous reviews of the Kitty Surprise toys, this is a post that I didn’t plan on writing. During one of my “research” outings a few days ago, I saw a doll in the Barbie section that stopped me in my tracks. I’d never seen this particular doll before, and she intrigued me to the point that I put everything else on hold so that I could take a closer look at her.