Of all shows, MLP should not be one to discuss real world “Race diversity” issues, because they’re all horses. Yes I was trying to say that I’ve seen people argue about on tik tok people are saying this is a fact about her. Not going to why I lie would be pretty good if Pinkie Pie was black but sadly that’s not true. You want to argue Pinkie isn’t canonically black, then I’m right there with you.

In “Blizzard or Bust”, Pinkie Pie and her friends attempt to fake a snow day in order to avoid taking a test, but they fail and are given detention. In “Saving Pinkie’s Pie”, she and Sunset Shimmer attempt to deliver a souffle to Rarity past a snowball fight. In “Winter Break-In”, she suggests retrieving Sunset’s storage locker key from the school by luring Celestia out with a plate of cupcakes. In “Dashing Through the Mall”, she participates in a gift exchange with her friends.

In Pinkie Spy, Pinkie Pie constantly ruins Rainbow’s attempts of not being seen when spying on Crystal Prep Academy’s sports team. Pinkie also makes a brief cameo at the beginning of All’s Fair in Love & Friendship Games skipping out the school entrance. Pinkie Pie makes appearances throughout the series of Rainbow Rocks shorts.

I got a bear that didn’t match the pictures of the stuffed bear I actually bought. I’m thinking she the seller did not pay attention to the message in the inbox. I already have the bear at home the way this bear was made edition. I’m mad 😠 because I payed lots of money only to get the wrong bear. Fast shipping though as a country being from the other side of the world that I approve of. There is of course a party, with gifts and cake and if the cake is blue whatcha gonna do about it?

Pinkie Pie never misses a beat, whether she’s playing the drums in The Rainbooms band or just keeping her friends laughing! Her fun and bubbly personality shines like a rainbow couple username ideas as she rocks out together with her friends. Always ready with a joke and a laugh, Pinkie Pie’s vibrant energy adds lots of color to the Rainbooms (pink, of course!).

Pinkie Pie shares many of her pony counterpart’s character traits and cartoonish quirks, including having a very cheerful and sociable personality and performing various comedic gags. At one point in the first film, she picks one of the balloon patterns off her skirt and inflates it like an actual balloon. In Rollercoaster of Friendship, Pinkie and her friends travel to the Equestria Land theme park during its grand opening to support Rarity, who got a job there as a fashion designer. The Rainbooms also get booked as the centerpiece for the park’s light parade by Rarity’s boss, the park’s head of pubic relations Vignette Valencia. Pinkie then goes off on her own to explore the park and appoints herself a “fun inspector” for the park, making a uniform out of things she found in the trash. She, Twilight, and Sunset are later teleported into Vignette’s Equestrian magic-enchanted phone when they oppose her ideas to dramatically change the Rainbooms’ image.

Pinkie serves as the secondary focus of the special Sunset’s Backstage Pass, in which she and Sunset Shimmer are excited to see their favorite band PostCrush at the Starswirled Music Festival. However, Pinkie gets distracted by the festival’s other activities and accidentally gets herself and Sunset banned. Sunset and Pinkie ultimately destroy the Time Twirler and succeed in breaking the time loop.

She also assists in saving Camp Everfree from closing by organizing a Crystal Ball fundraiser. Above all else, Pinkie’s strongest trait is her love of spreading joy to others. She throws a party for the aloof Crystal Prep students in Friendship Games, and this desire to make others happy drives her to establish a glee club in the My Little Pony Annual 2013. In the second and third films and tie-in animated shorts, Pinkie displays more cartoonish gags. She has a tendency to skip instead of walk normally, she has a refrigerator stocked with cans of whipped cream, and she tends to pop out of random places such as a locker and air vent. Though she doesn’t own a party cannon in the first film, she uses her kick-drums as a party cannon in the second film, and she owns two party cannons by the third film.

They are replaced by holograms to perform at the parade and the girls eventually learn that they were in an empty white room in the park all along. The girls use their powers to destroy Vignette’s phone during the parade and take their place as the parade’s headliner. Throughout the film, Pinkie helps her fellow Wondercolts build a new dock for Camp Everfree as part of their “gift for future campers”. When camp director Gloriosa Daisy is consumed by Equestrian magic and Twilight Sparkle overcomes her fears of Midnight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie helps her friends defeat Gloriosa.

Public collections can be seen by the public, including other shoppers, and may show up in recommendations and other places. A gothic-themed Pinkie Pie doll with black hair and a dress was released as a Target-exclusive under the toyline’s “Pinkie Pie’s Boutique” label. In Spring Breakdown, Pinkie Pie goes on a cruise trip with her friends for spring break. She expresses interest in a gourmet cake served at the ship’s buffet, but because of Rainbow Dash’s obsession with finding Equestrian magic, the chef Puffed Pastry bans her from the buffet.