Amish Decorative Star Wooden Shutters Wall Decor, Handmade in the USA

Please share the colors for the mid-tone blues used on the coastal architecture house. We are looking to repaint the exterior of the house. We are thinking of going with a light beige color.

If you are looking for a lighter touch for the exterior of your home, consider a light pink door. Pink and gray have always worked well together, no matter the shade. This house is a great example of using light colors to create a different look.

To keep the color scheme low-key and minimalist, shutters and windows were painted a neutral yellow shade that nearly blends in with the stonework. For a bit of warmth and as an accent, a medium-tone stain warms the front door. The primary colors—red, yellow, and blue—are the basis of all other hues, and as such, they’re naturally complementary.

This home, which deftly matches a deep green-gray with a lighter tone, also relies on an orange-red hue found in the copper roof accents and repeated on the wood front door. That tone carries over onto rooflines and side doors to provide a continuing color line for the eye to follow. Finding Lovely painted this 1879 New England farmhouse in a moody dark gray with indigo undertones.

Red doors are a favorite, and homeowners oftentimes want their shutters to match. Depending on the shade, bright red or dark red, different home exteriors complement red exterior shutters differently. Bright red shutters look great on white, cream, tan, gray, blue, pale yellow, brick, stucco, and tan stone. Dark red shutters work well with all of the above, in addition to deeper colors like olive, navy, and brown. Do you find it difficult to add decoration to the exterior of a light gray house?

Pale beige-pink paint softens the exterior of this home, while teal blue trim and russet red doors add definition to the facade. Randell Design Group used pre-weathered zinc cladding in a soft shade of gray light grey painted wood paneling on the exterior of this U.K. House, combined with gray brick for a textural feel that looks modern and complements the lush green lawn. A rhubarb red front door adds contrast and marks the entrance.

People will not be able to stop staring at your house. They may not even know what draws their attention. However, the combination of the different parts of this house blends well and ties together nicely. This Cape Cod house has three dormers that are typical of a Cape Cod. This house also has simple landscaping in front to complete the look.

Cottage-style homes are amenable to an exterior color scheme that’s less bounded by formal rules and freer to experiment with whimsical approaches to shade and pattern. Here, the first impulse might be to paint the section of the front facade above the door line the same color as the bottom half. But instead, the natural wood, which will weather to a warm gray if left unstained, adds warmth to the gray-green paint. For contrast, bright robin’s-egg blue accents the front door. What ties these three disparate tones together is the white trim around the door, pillars, and rails.

This house gives you a truly rustic look when combining the grey wood with partially stone columns and double garage doors. The color contrast between the different shades of grey, combined with the wood, gives this house rustic energy. There is not much about this house that stands out other than its severe design and color choice. It has a simple light wood door in a white entryway. The white entryway stands out as a stark contrast to the dark gray.