All About Polymer Knives

Some people wonder what makes the black blade so special and the answer is that Kyocera black ceramic blades go through an extra process called a hot isostatic press that enhances durability. This does increase the cost but sometimes you get what you pay for. I read a review where a customer said they used to for opening mail and boxes all the time.

The Medium size fits ring size 5 to 9, the Large size fits ring size 10-14, and each comes with inserts to adjust the size of the ring. When the self-defense ring is used, blade cover will automatically flex out of the way on impact. Go Guarded ring is a heavy-duty plastic serrated-edge self-defense weapon that is worn on any finger. Blackie Collins makes straight edge/serrated folding polymer knives and a few boot knives. In the past, the folding spring assisted opening knife was one of my best sellers, but for some strange reason, they are now difficult to find. This is good to know when researching or making a choice on what to purchase.

On the other hand, if you want something deadly sharp for defense, ceramic will offer you that. Cold Steel has been such a front runner in the world of plastic knives thatit is hard to not just go to them for just about every design. This boot knife can provide additional self-defense options during a serious situation. At $8.50 this is a real bargain for a self-defense weapon.

As he writhes in pain, you knock him out and grab the keys to the lair. This week for Weapons Wednesday, we tested out 5 of our newest weapons on, including our new nagamaki! Watch the video to see me how all these new weapon hold up.

See our most popular hidden knives developed for home and personal self defense protection. Many of our concealed knives are disguised inside everyday commonly used items and can be safely best 80s workout songs out in the open. Cold Steel currently dominates the market with their “Night Shade” series. This series of eight knives is constructed from a material Cold Steel calls “Grivory”.

I know I would not want to send my knives off to sharpen even if it was just occasionally. If you plan on using ceramic knives often, you may even want to invest in an electric diamond sharpener. If you want an entirely non-metallic knife and sheath combination you can buy or make a leather sheath.