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Akbar’s weight loss and fitness journey started after she underwent the surgery for weight loss. Ever since then, she has been immensely popular and has continued to get rid of her stubborn fat. You may remember Akbar V for proclaiming herself the “Queen of Atlanta” as she shared her come up on the reality show “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” but now you probably wouldn’t recognize her.

Total Shape does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. We personally tested these supplements with our male and female clients, and the majority of them experienced positive results. green level high school ranking No, Albar V didn’t reveal her diet plan to the public. Following her surgery, Akbar found it extremely challenging to move around, so strength training and intense cardio were out of the question.

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If you tingle your brain nerves, you will recall Akbar V, the self-proclaimed Atlanta queen. We’ve joined the BHM Digital family of websites and have updated our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. By continuing to use this site, you agree to our updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. At the time of her recovery, she noted that she was still “swollen” and in need of a “hug and some painkillers.” Fast forward to now, the mom seems to be in good health and body!