9 Things You Should Say To Your Wedding Photographer

Do you conceptualize themes by writing or sticking lots of sticky notes on a whiteboard? Demonstrate how you handle a wedding shoot from point A to Z. It can include things like contract signing, client meetings, actual shoot, editing, and delivery of photo prints.

That means there’s very little room for error on the part of the photographer. You have to make sure that you’re ready to shoot at a moment’s notice. Been going through a writer’s block for some time now, will definitely try these out. Despite being incredibly stressful at times, wedding photography is worth the effort. Not only will you be able to capture a couple’s most memorable day, but you’ll have a lot of fun doing it too.

This year is booked for Porter Lyons Photography, but we’re opening up next year’s books soon. After attending my sisters’ wedding I knew I wanted to chase the infectious feeling of happiness forever. When I’m not documenting precious love stories I’m up early exploring local coffee shops or editing shots for my incredible couples.

This could end up annoying the couple on what is supposed to be the most memorable day of their lives. Depending on how large and extravagant the wedding will be, you might need to hire someone to give you a helping hand. A lot goes into most weddings, so it’s almost impossible to cover everything yourself. If you waste time looking for the correct lighting because you didn’t research the venue ahead of time, you’ll just end up frustrating the couple. As a graphic designer or freelancer, a professional contract is the best way to set expectations for both yourself and your clients.

Take a trip to the venue before the wedding day; this way, you can make a list of the best places for photographs and understand the overall layout and lighting. Think about the effort and time you put in planning your wedding right from the beginning. Your wedding wear, accessories, wedding decor elements, and the DIY-ed items together make your wedding day extremely beautiful.


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Anyways great article for the photography enthusiasts. I’m taking pics of a wedding using my Canon Powershot HS50 camera. Please give tips using this point and shoot camera.

Besides the wedding day itself, it’s better to check if everything’s working as intended a few days ahead to avoid unnecessary panic. It is quite essential that you give your photographer a clear cut idea about the wedding rituals you have. Also, he will have an idea about the angles, the lighting, and other major things if he knows what follows what. But to be completely honest, it’s pretty common for clients not to say anything – at all – once I send them the final gallery. They’re busy, weddings are stressful and they’re decompressing, they’re on honeymoon or decompressing. If you’re looking for a cheap photographer, Jane definitely isn’t the one for you.

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These shots may not be traditional, but they’re often the ones that the happy couple will love the most. Your best bet is to bring along an assistant to take a little pressure off. You can make your assistant capture the smaller shots while you have ample time to shoot the more significant moments.

Good research on this would help you to write an article of that sort. And if Google says this, then I need to say it too, because the viability of this blog depends on how I follow Google’s guidelines. Write an article that compiles your favorite behind-the-scenes moments! Collecting outtakes behind the scenes is a great way to showcase your work process and how you deal with clients.