70 Tea Quotes For Tea Connoisseurs About the Benefits of Tea

Sipping and spilling the tea may even be your fave activity to do with your bestie. In that case, having some tea friendship quotes is necessary. If you’re the ultimate tea lover, you may even have a subscription to a tea of the month from Atlas Tea Club or Sips By. Whenever you get a package in the mail with new loose leaf tea to try, you’ll want to post a reaction video to Instagram or even TikTok with some tea lover funny quotes.

I haven’t acquired a taste for green tea, and I don’t intend to. I like my coffee black with a little sugar, and it keeps my metabolism up! I don’t mind the occasional Gatorade while I’m gymming.

While Ted Lasso may refer to it as “hot, brown water,” tea is your favorite drink. A hot cup of jasmine green or almond oolong tea is not only your go-to source nasturtium tea recipe of caffeine, but the perfect way to warm up your insides on a cold day. You even enjoy some delicious iced tea when looking for something sweet and refreshing.

Tea is such a versatile drink and has a ton of variations — black, green, and white are the most common. There’s something so satisfying about putting a kettle on and fixing yourself a carefully made cup on a lazy Sunday afternoon. While you’re sipping away, wrapped in a warm blanket, you may feel the need to snap a cute selfie to post on Instagram.

I wrote a book titled just that and is filled with inspirational words for tea lovers. In fact, there is a quote from my book highlighted below. However, there are also great tea sayings from other authors, tea professionals, poets, spiritual leaders and more. Enjoy these quotes about our favourite beverage. They are the ones that helped me most during my journey and will inspire you to put the kettle on.

Drinking green tea will help you either to lose weight or motivation. In Russian tea tradition, sugar is not placed in a cup of tea. The Night Circus, a book by Erin Morgenstern has many references about tea. A great book for relaxed reading and sipping. Perhaps a cup of tea can’t fix problems but it can give you ideas for it.

Sometimes, it’s hard to express your love for tea. In this board, you will find tea quotes that fit your every mood. “Cool green foods became the natural choice in restaurants and teahouses.