7 Excellent Ways to Travel Without Flying Best Alternatives

Another option some people have available to them is working from home. The internet has made it easier than ever to be available from anywhere, so your employer may allow you to work from home a few days a week. If you’re lucky enough to have this option, your commute may only be from your bedroom to the kitchen largest greek isle table. Although it created some buzz in the 1990s as the wave of the future, the electric car struggled to gain traction with consumers because of its limitations — but it may be due for a comeback soon. In fact, Chevrolet announced in 2011 that it would come out with an all-electric car called the Spark.

In addition, there are numerous bicycle trails and bicycle paths throughout the city. Baltimore – Built largely in the pre-car-era, Baltimore is rather walkable and accessible by public transit . In addition, the city runs a free bus service called the Charm City Circulator that stops by most areas of interest. Many areas have taken advantage of abandoned railroads to establish rail trails for walking and biking. The existing path of the train tracks can easily be converted into a paved trail that’s nice and flat for a comfortable, smooth bike ride.

A helmet and as much padding as you can find is also a good idea. Benefits include the fact they are inexpensive, lightweight and, in many cases, foldable. They can go up to about 10 miles per hour , and are easy to jump off of, if you need to (Not sure if this is really a “pro,” but it’s worth noting).

If you can, take it inside with you and find a safe place to store it while you’re away. Make sure to lock it when you are not around, even if it’s just for a short time.Use a small U-lock if you lock your bike to a parking meter, never just a cable. A small U-lock makes it impossible to lift the bike over the top. This article was very useful – I’m planning a cross country trip from New York to Vancouver, so hopefully we’ll be able to utilize some of this information. One thing we probably won’t be trying is hitchhiking though – it’s just too dangerous, and I’ve seen too many movies where things go wrong. You never know how long you’ll be standing at the side of the road.

He even stopped at scenic points to take my picture, which was great because I was traveling solo. It takes the pressure off of you to drive in an unfamiliar area, and it offers the luxury of relaxing as a passenger. To fully evaluate this option, make sure you review this detailed list of benefits and drawbacks to self-driving.