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The fourth spin-off, “Lil’ Secrets” was released in August 2018. The line is similar to Polly Pocket, in which it features lockets, which were playsets, that came with “Tenny Shoppies” and “Tenny Shopkins”. Regular-sized Shoppies were also produced. Starting in Season 3, mini stores and houses were released, under the name “Secret Shops”. The theme for Season 2 is “Party Pop-ups” and for Season 3, “Shop-key-pers”.

It’s either a slap in the face, or somewhat genius. They don’t take up spaceMy daughter keeps her Shopkins in a case that once contained a fancy pen. She’s ready to upgrade, but a shoebox will suit us just fine until she grows out of them. This may not be the case if you’re buying one of the full play sets . But Shopkins can go over to friends’ houses in a pocket, and as far as taking up space and being washable, I’d say they’re much better than the average stuffed animal. I’ve heard complaints from some that they’re easy to lose, which is true, but this means they’re also easy to find—literally anywhere.

Shoppies in the season are also returning characters but now with animal themes. A new Shoppie for this season, Mystabella, was released as a Limited Edition Shoppie. There were also bundled sets of Shoppies funny matching swimsuits and Shoppets available. The limited editions in the season are the “Shimmery Unicorn” Shopkins, which come in a metallic finish and a unicorn theme. The first season of Shopkins, was released in June 2014.

Canadian-based WildBrain distributes the webisodes on the WildBrain – Cutie Cartoons channel. Kindi Kids is the fifth and ongoing spin-off of Shopkins released in August 2019, featuring the Shoppies dolls as toddlers, with the slogan being “Yay! The line featured ten-inch dolls of the Shoppies dolls as toddlers, featuring a bobble-head, glittery eyes as well two exclusive Shopkins that magically function by playing with them.

There are three different “Rainbow Twinkle” Real Littles to find. New categories include Charms, Tech, Music and Sport. The Limited Edition Shopkins are the “Tiny Toys” Shopkins.

Look no further as FirstCry.com is your one-stop shop for buying Shopkins Toys & Gaming products at the best prices with discounts up to 38%. Make the most of your shopping with the Cash On Delivery, Free Shipping & easy return options available at FirstCry.com.Take a look at the complete range of Shopkins Products. They’re suitable for kids of all agesAnna was introduced to Shopkins last spring at my grandmother’s 90th birthday party. She was four at the time and the only other kid there was much older. This nine-year-old relative had brought a bag full of Shopkins along with her and she and Anna played with them together.

Also, instead of coming in recipe books, they come in presents. The Limited Editions in the season are the “Hollywood” Shopkins. Shopkins figurines are roughly 1 inch in height and 1/2 inch in width, roughly the size of a United States Quarter. Each figurine has a face, name, and its own personality.

We see that you have personalized your site experience by adding your child’s date of birth and gender on site. We would love to send you the best offers relevant for your child from time to time and so we have added these details to your FirstCry.com account details. They’re the lesser of evilsThey may not be educational, but Shopkinsencourage imaginative play and are far less offensive and annoying than many of the toys on the market these days. They don’t talk, they don’t need batteries, they don’t require a large group to play and they don’t play into stereotypes or body-image issues. Have you spent any time with a Bratz doll or a robotic cat? Give me a Shopkins collection over an Elmo-of-the-moment any day.