5 Box Braid Hairstyles Natural Hair Types Need To Know About Hair com By L’Oréal

It will help the stylist to relieve pressure on the hair. However, too much pressure on the hair might break the hair along the way. Interestingly, this 2h cuticle health meaning hairstyle hasn’t changed since its origination a thousand years ago. It is why it has and will always remain the pride and Beauty of African Culture.

A style this Insta-worthy doesn’t just happen in one day. First, you’ll have to make an appointment with a colorist to dye your strands platinum blonde. It’s important to note that bleach will always cause damage, but a seasoned colorist will work with you to improve the look and feel of your strands. Once your mane is your desired hue, make an appointment with your braider for some killer box braids.

You will need 2 packs of x-pressions kanekalon hair and 1 pack of freetress deep twist hair. You will need 1 pack of x-pressions kanekalon hair and 1pack of the freetress deep twist hair, though you probably won’t use the whole pack. You will need 1-2 packs of x-pressions kanekalon hair and 1pack of the freetress deep twist hair, though you probably won’t use the whole pack. To get this fun look, you will need any kanekalon or xpressions hair and a few packs of curly crotchet hair such as the freetress deep twist hair. I want to make sure that you get the best out of your hairstyle and you will come out with long, luscious hair after you take down your bohemian box braids. These braids are super long and are worn to one side.

Continue doing this until you have twisted your hair all the way down to your neck into a braid. Hold 2 pieces of hair in either hand and twist them once in your hand. Then, loop them over each other in the opposite direction of the twist.

All with those beautiful curls decorating your hair. Spotting curly offshoots in your jumbo box braids offers a fashionable twist to your hairdo. The curly strand on each side of her face added a cute dimension to the hair. Thick box braids that have the same thickness from root to tip tend to lack a good sway. More so for thick box braids styled into a long bob. Mixing your braids with curls gives them more movement and swing.

You can also flip your hair over to add volume to your curls. Once you reach the base of your neck, you may not have any more layers from the top of your hair that you can twist. Instead, you can curl the rest of your hair by tightly twisting it into a bun shape. If you want to braid your hair to make it curly, try using a curling cream, like the ones from Shea Moisture or Carol’s Daughter. Apply setting lotion or mousse if you have wavy or straight hair. Squeeze a small amount of lotion or mousse into your hand.

It is time you were introduced to these amazing rectangular divisions of hair which present a symmetrical vision. It is the clean cut symmetry that takes even a simple set of box braids to the next level. Laura Harrier is the latest celeb to join the braids bandwagon.

Small crochet box braids are an absolute vision and this hairstyle is proof of that. From its glorious length to the clean small box braids to the wavy ends, this hairstyle is simply gorgeous. What we loved, even more, is the use of beads and shells for accessorizing the hair.

Box braids hairstyles look more voluminous when paired with curls. This fabulous bohemian hairstyle appears much fuller than it would as box braids alone. Your stylist can leave the ends of your box braids loose and curl them up or braid them all the way down to the tips and then twist the ends into curls. Whichever way, you’ll arrive at gorgeous box braids with curls at the end. Goddess braids, which are sometimes called Granny Braids, are a soft, more feminine version of traditional box braids. They are a protective style featuring long, rope-like, cornrow-style braids with curly tendrils that usually lie flat along the scalp.