30 Cool Twist Hairstyles for Natural Hair Low Maintenance Black Twist Hairstyles

Nikia holds a BA in Organizational Leadership from Charter Oak State College and received her Cosmetology Certification from Blaine Beauty School. She is also a member of the American Hair Loss Council. Using styling product before you twist your hair helps the coils stay in position for several days. It also helps you define your twists, which in turn helps if and when you decide to unravel the twists. Continue twisting all of your hair in small, uniform sections. If you want an all over twisted style, move on to another section of hair after you secure your first twist.

It is very neat to look at and makes long hair manageable and tidy. Partition is formed at the front, and one side is twisted. Then a huge bun is made at the back; high or low as per choice. This style looks good on teenage girls and women around ages having oval, slim, and diamond-shaped faces. Carry this style with casual frocks, skirts, jeans, and other indo-western dresses.

First, braid your hair both tightly and loosely, switching from one shape to the other throughout the styling. Then, when the braid is ready, pull the edges wherever you like for an additional volume. ‘Two-strand twists is when you take two sections of hair and wrap them around each other continuously to the ends. They can either be tight or loose, depending on how taut you hold them and how snugly you wind them together.

Any woman belonging to the age group can carry this style and suits only with oval and slim face. Comb the hair gently and leave if freely to have a wavy look. Twists can last anywhere from one to a few weeks. You can definitely shampoo them without having to undo them—just concentrate on cleansing your scalp and don’t manipulate the twists too much. If your hair is relaxed, you can try twist extensions to see how you look in them and if you like the look. Finish your edgy hairstyle with a coat of long-lasting hairspray to.

For more defined curls, Bova recommends using a twisting gel for extra hold, or a product that is a mix of both. The Senegalese twists hairdo string braided into hair is a protective hairstyle mostly done on afro hair using kinky hair extensions. It’s also called a rope twist or a crochet twist.

And someone asked if I have naturally straight hair. It’s a little wavy though but not enough to get any good curls out of while blowing it drying. With over 16 years of experience, she specializes in artificial hair integrations, hair extensions, hair loss, hairpieces and wigs, and non-surgical hair replacement.

This will work if your hair is slightly wavy and you’d like to give it a sleek look. Also, you can try brushing your hair when it’s wet. But, you should be very careful and use a gentle brush as wet brushing may lead to hair loss. To make simple 2-strand twists with your hair, start by separating it into 2-inch-thick sections and securing them with hair clips or elastic ties. Once all of your hair is separated into sections, comb a dab of coconut oil through your first section to make your hair smoother and easier to work with. Then, split the first section in 2 and twist the first piece around the second piece, keeping the strands tight.

Which means you’ll need lots of hairspray for hold. Passion twists not only protect your natural hair but are light on your pocket also. While you might be getting a normal braid or another braiding hairstyle done by your hairstylist, it won’t be a problem if you want to get passion twists done instead.

As you probably assume, ample hairspray is recommended. Wash your natural hair well before starting with the installation process. Let your hair air-dry or you can also blow-dry them. Prefer having your hair slightly wavy or curly for the remy human hair extensions to have a good grip over your natural hair. The mohawk twist is one of the best Senegalese twist hairstyles. I wish I possessed that level of suave to pull off this look!