25 Songs You Need on Your Fall Workout Playlist

Once Cardi B sings, “I run this sh-t like cardio,” it’s time to get your exercise on. This song is great for a Zumba class or working out alone while doing daunting burpees one after another. From dance vibes courtesy of Dua Lipa to blood-pumping beats from Lil Nas X, there’s truly a bop for every fitness personality. So regardless of your music vibe, these hot tracks will get you through your workout feeling more pumped than ever. Fitness coaches never know who might show up to a group exercise class. People of all ages workout (as they should!), which means you need to create a workout playlist that hits every age group.

That’s why we’ve created a fall fitness playlist to help you end the year on a high note. From recent hits to timeless classics, these tunes have the motivational lyrics and catchy beats to put you in a winning frame of mind. This ’90s workout music playlist features some chilled-out Counting Crows and Fatboy Slim (remember them?), plus, of course, the Beastie Boys.

It was a sensational song at the time, and it still stands up now, two decades later. Luckily, we can imagine the treadmill is the nightclub even if it isn’t. The remix by Steve Aoki gives a little more vigor to a song that already has a lot of punch. If you can, take a look at the visuals for inspiring dancing to the enticing rhythm.

With his contagious enthusiasm, DaBaby comes blazing with his “BOP.” Great rap lyrics mixed with a catchy beat make for another Dababy hit. BTS’s songs vary from beautiful lullabies to aggressive tunes like “Mic Drop.” Mic Drop is taken from their career-high record Love Yourself. The song flawlessly blends their impressive rapping abilities with dance rhythms and a grim, edge for their adoring fandom. This energetic remix from the band’s 1998 album Hello Nasty was a specific case in which the three agreed to enable a mainstream producer to alter a song solely for marketing gain. Fatboy Slim pumped up the guitars and scratching.

First, it can provide background noise during the workout. Or, a more effective method is to match exercises with the beat of the music. This approach turns music into motivation. As the song title suggests, J.Lo and Pitbull’s 2011 hit exists to get you out on the dance floor.

While Hailee’s lyric vibes might be intended for a self-love sesh between the sheets, that same attention can be turned into instant motivation when you’re hitting the gym. When you just wanna feel hype, turn up the volume on some Lil Nas X. This is the perfect track to listen to when you’re upping the weight on leg day. Easing into your day with some meditation or yoga? This song is a must on your playlist — it sets such a positive tone for the rest of your day.

It’s not a big jump from enjoying a track about driving down a long road to pushing oneself a few miles around a track while playing the song repeatedly. What could be more ursolic acid bodybuilding motivating than Ciara telling us to “level up? ” Ciara goes out of her way to showcase her incredible dance skills – a motivational example of what leveling up looks like.