25 Best Blue Hair Ideas and Colors for Light or Dark Hair in 2022

The rest of it looks as if it is a darker blue color that shows up as highlights. If your favorite shades of blue tend to fall on the more purple end of things, then you might enjoy this hairstyle that mixes dark blue and purple. Blending the two colors makes the hair appear to be a third hue. Look, blue hair doesn’t have to be vibrant and bright to be striking. Take this silver-blue hair, which pulls gray with just a hint of light blue.

From cerulean to navy, find the blue hue that’s right for you. From Hot to ColdSwitch to cold water when washing your hair to preserve the color. Unicorns may not be real, but the magical aura of this stunning hair look is.

This is a very long and sleek hair look that is almost more purple than blue. It is a simple look that actually requires quite a bit of work. It is amazing in how much blue and purple can look alike while still complementing each other. Blue is popular as ever right now because people are starting to really have fun with their hair.

Chlorine and salt water can both add a green tint to your hair hue, says Kiyah. You can get the green out through a treatment mask, clarifying shampoo — or, weirdly, ketchup or tomato juice. To avoid this issue from the get go, try putting on a color-preserving conditioner before you go swimming. This is one of our favorite pastel hair variations.Has your pastel color obsession already reached unicorn levels? Then dyeing all of your hair a light aqua color is a next step for you.

While you can opt to recolor your hair when this happens, you can also roll with it and wear it as its own style. If you want a dark blue that borders on the medium-dark section of the spectrum and retains a saturated richness, then consider split dye red this type of color. It’s bright without being light, and it’s dark, but not too much so. It’s a nice middle path for those who don’t want something too indigo or violet. If blue is your favorite color, then you’ve come to the right place.

You can either seamlessly blend some shade of green with balayage and sombre or go radical applying it as bright streaks or to the roots. Whatever idea you like the most, it’s doomed to have all eyes on it, as nothing can beat dimensional colors of the ocean. When mixing purple and blue colors, think of them as a great idea for trendy holographic hair that you can complete with other exceptional shades.