20 Stunning Blue Hair Ideas You Should Try

Mix two complementing hair colors for dark skin together. This silver grey and azure blue color remind us of cold winter days. This classy and glamorous look is drool-worthy good. This is a bright and vibrant shade of hair dye for dark skin. There are many ways to go about hair color for dark skin tone.

Her asymmetrical blue bob cut flatters her cool skin tone and is guaranteed to turn heads. It’s also worth noting that this is a much shorter style, so you’ll want several inches of hair on top with a fade on the sides. This dark blue hairstyle can be found on celebrities, soccer players, and more. What’s nice about this style is that the main colors of dark blue, purple, and green all blend together to create a unified swirl of color. It’s a subtle way to incorporate color that still looks great. Of course, if you have lighter hair, the effect is much more dramatic.

Hand-work is necessary for this kind of simplicity which allows you the option of more free and easy lines. If you’re thinking brown hair with blue highlights, consider peekaboo teal highlights for an exotic look. Demi Lovato looks gorgeous with their dip-dyed, streaky lob. Here’s proof that this shade looks sophisticated in a feathered, tousled style.

To conclude, blue ombre hair will help you stand out in the best possible way. To confirm the fact that purple and steel blue are the perfect pair, take a look at this beauty. We also want to point out the way the hair was colored, in larger chunks rather than half and half. If you have long hair and are outgoing, this is the blue ombre hair option for you. Another way you can sport steel blue hair is shown in this sweet photo.

But, subtle blue tips peek out every now and then, and that gives the color dimension and a highlighted effect with movement. Midnight blue is a perfect option for women who are trying to repair damaged or bleached hair. By going darker, you avoid the risk of further damage, and it reflects shine better which makes it appear healthier. The shade may look black indoors, but once outside the blue streaks will shine.

Without a neutral base, hair that’s cool-toned can lead to blue strands, and hair that’s too warm can lead to green strands. Since silver is basically a mix of all primary colours, the final result is heavily dependent on the starting hair color. A neutral platinum orange hair dark roots base is your best bet for a true silver – hair that’s cool-toned can lead to blue strands, and hair that’s too warm can lead to green strands. Since you have both blues and greens happening, it sounds like your hair has some warm leaning strands and some cool tones.