20 Questions About the Executive Assessment Exam Answered

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Extending your access will not provide you with additional questions. However, you can separately purchase an add-on package by Math Revolution from the Quiz area of hard Math Revolution questions. Executive Assessment tests work differently from GMAT Prep. Instead of having a separate question pool for each test, Executive Assessment tests have a very large single pool of questions, thus there is no reason to reset each individual test. Please note, once you reset, all questions will marked as unattempted.

Take our free 7 day email course to learn a proven strategy, complete with tips, examples, homework and more. You should only offer GMAT and GRE scores if you have already taken one of these exams within the last 5 years. Prior to starting the actual exam, there are a few tutorial and terms and conditions to read and agree to, so expect to be sitting there for around 10 minutes longer.

A few minutes after you complete the Executive Assessment, the test center will print out your unofficial results and sign and stamp them. You can apply to Executive MBA programs with the unofficial results. Students that have how to say hello in ghana previously been “math challenged” should spend 8+ weeks preparing. The first 2 weeks must be spent working on foundational math concepts like adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing 2 and 3 digit numbers and fractions.

Reading Comprehension section differs somewhat from the GMAT. (Typically, on the GMAT, you expect to see 3-4 questions per passage). Some passages are noticeably shorter than the typical GMAT passage. Questions are released in groups based on how you perform on the previous group of questions.

If you are a busy professional looking to get the score you need on the EA, while still managing all of your other professional and personal obligations, our course is for you. This intensive, six-session course will cover the major topics and question types you’ll see on the Executive Assessment. Plus, you’ll get personalized, one-on-one tutoring from an expert Manhattan Prep teacher. The Executive Assessment Online has the same test content and structure as the Executive Assessment that is delivered in test centers. This new test is intended for working professionals applying to Executive MBA programs.

Therefore, candidates who have been studying to take the GMAT can leverage a lot of their existing preparation to do well on the EA. For our IIMBx program, Mercer

Take advantage of this free resource that’s sure to help you along your way to a high score. Some of the incorrect versions of the sentence in this question are clearly grammatically flawed. However, other incorrect versions are grammatically perfect and are incorrect only because they convey illogical meanings.