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The home plate should be 42 feet from the pitcher’s mound. Leave the paint to dry for a while, depending on the type of paint. 30 minutes to an hour should be enough for the paint to be completely dried. Then use the zip ties to attach the aluminium or metal sheet to the inside of the frame if the strike zone. The batter earns a walk – all runners that are forced to advance by the advancement of the batter to first base advance one base.

The distance from the pitching- rubber to the backstop shall be 45 ft. Fences shall be no less than 3 ft., nor greater than 4 ft. in height. The distance from home plate to the base of the nearest foul pole shall be no less than 80 ft., nor greater than 105 ft. The distance from home plate to the base of the center field fence shall be no less than 95 ft., nor greater than 125 ft. The objective of the game is to score runs by hitting the ball and running around the bases.

All BALLS and STRIKES are designated by the “hole” in the backstop. If the ball goes through the hole, it is considered a strike, even if it hits the side of the hole first. If the ball does not go through the hole, and is not swung at by the batter, it is considered a ball. A pitched ball that hits the batter is also considered a ball, although the batter must attempt to avoid being hit. If a batter has 2 strikes on him, and foul tips the ball through the hole, it is considered strike 3.

A) The device of claim 1 has a strikezone target and backstop is specifically designed for use with pitched WIFFLE® balls. A fabric strap 4 is stitched or attached along the contour of the backstop is reinforce the collapsible and coilable frame member 5 in its place. The Wiffle ball strike zone is an essential component of the game closest batting cages without which the game cannot be played. The good news is that you can buy a unit online or from sports equipment shops, but you can also make the strike zone yourself and save some cash. After hearing all about the amazing features of the Wiffle ball strike zone, you’re probably wondering how you can get your hands on one.

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The batter shall take his position in the batter’s box promptly when it is his turn to bat. The batter’s legal position shall be with both feet completely within the batter’s box. If an improper batter becomes a proper batter because no appeal is made before the first pitch to the next batter, the next batter shall be the batter whose name follows that of the now legalized improper batter. If the proper batter is called out because he failed to bat in turn, the next batter shall be the batter whose name follows that of the proper batter in the batting order. The pitching area shall be flat and at the same ground level as home plate. The distance from home plate to the front edge of the pitching rubber shall be 42 ft., as shown in Diagram 1.

Connect the different components that make the base of the strike zone. You should, however, not glue the base of the strike zone to the rectangular frame or the stand; they should be left as two different components as this makes for easy storage and transportation. Here are the materials you will need to make a standard Wiffle ball strike zone.

The backstop is supported and balanced by two sets of retractable or collapsible plastic brace members—one at each side of the unit. The supports are a pair of rods whose ends are removable, connected to the sides of WiffleNet’s base when fully assembled by either a Velcro-strap or fitted connecting-slot method. To state that Wiffle ball is a very captivating game will be stating the obvious. The game’s beauty is that you can make the strike zone by yourself using readily available affordable materials.