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In May 2018, the Brewers Association will publish the full 2017 industry analysis in the May/June issue ofThe New Brewer, showing regional trends and sales by individual breweries. Virginia, Oregon and Minnesota all tied with 3 breweries apiece after that, while Millford, Massachusetts-based CraftRoots Brewing took the top spot as the fastest-growing brewery of 2017. California, unsurprisingly, led the charge with 7 breweries on the list, including the second-fastest brewery in terms of growth, GoatHouse Brewing Co. in Lincoln, California. Two of the largest programs supported by the BA are the American Homebrewers Association and the annual Great American Beer Festival . For the competition this year, the AHA added a thirteenth first-round judging center, located in the New England area.

The first competition, held in 1979 in Boulder, Colorado, judged 34 beers. The first competition, held in 1979 in Boulder, Colo., judged 34 beers. Tasting innovative beers from home brewers all over the world can provide plenty of inspiration for your next batch. But Homebrew Con’s real draw is the wide range of demonstrations and workshops available.

The survey found that 21 percent had at least one woman in a role as CEO, head brewer or brewmaster, and other executive roles, according to the American Homebrewers Association. Boulder, Colo.•April 10, 2018—TheBrewers Association today released its inaugural list of the 50 fastest growing small and independent1craft brewing companies of 2017. Median growth from 2016 to 2017 for these breweries was 216 percent; the median size of breweries on the list went from 284 barrels in 2016 to 963 barrels in 2017. These companies represent 5.5 percent of craft’s growth by volume for 2017 and include eight brewpubs, 40 microbreweries and two regional craft breweries. It’s time to consider the evolution of Trappist beers in the New World.

Black Tooth Brewing from Sheridan, WYplaced second by winning 3 gold medals, a silver medal and a bronze medal. Their gold medals were awarded to their Black Eagle Porter, Hot Streak IPA and Caught Looking Ale.Lynnwood Brewing Concern out of Raleigh, NCtook home third by winning 3 gold medals and 1 bronze. Their gold medals were for their Hop Sauce IPA, Once You Go Black Ale and Hop on Top Strong Pale Ale. Brewing history buffs can also learn about the nearly-forgotten style of Molasses Beer, how to master mead production, and even hear from a paleontologist on the origins of key brewing ingredients.

The American Homebrewers Association has worked on behalf of the homebrewing community since 1978 and celebrates a membership of more than 37,000 homebrewers and beer enthusiasts. The number of women winning this shock top beer commercials competition hasn’t increased by much over that time, either. Two more women won awards for beer entries in 2017 than in 2007, when seven women, including five as part of a team, were awarded for their beers.

The full release from the Brewers Association is below, along with a nifty graphic detailing where each brewery is located. Florida was second with 4 fastest-growing breweries, including the 4th (Idyll Hounds Brewing Co.) and 7th (Mastry’s Brewing Co.) overall. This article is about the American professional brewing organization. Final judging and winners will be announced at Homebrew Con, which will be held this year in Providence, Rhode Island, June 27–29. The AHA says that the last time an entry fee was raised was more than a decade ago, and since then eleven new first-round judging stations have been added, as well as additional categories, staff, and infrastructure to handle all of the entries.

Recognizing the most outstanding homemade beer, mead and cider from homebrewers worldwide, this year’s competition saw 8,618 entries from 3,530 homebrewers located in all 50 states, Washington D.C. The final round of competition took place at Homebrew Con, where 1,134 entries were evaluated by some of the top beer judges in the country. Over its 39-year history, the National Homebrew Competition has evaluated 134,835 brews.

They have seen many faces walk in, both neophytes and experienced brewers. In those 30 years, some men wondered if Rigberg, an award-winning homebrewer, knew what she was talking about. The Ninkasi Award is the prize given by American Homebrewers Association for the brewer who gains the most points in the final round of the National Homebrew Competition, judged at the National Homebrewers Conference. Points are gained from the brewer’s winning entries in the 23 categories of beer and several categories of mead and cider.