10 Vertical Wood Slat Wall Ideas We’re Obsessed With PHOTOS

We can also make a suggestion on the type of wood according to the usage and budget to best accommodate your design and needs. Whether wall panel, partition wall or piece of furniture slat motifs give surfaces depth and harmony and always fit perfectly into the concept. Vertical slat walls give the illusion that the walls and ceilings are taller than they really are. Horizontal slat walls tend to make a room look spacious and are a good option for smaller rooms or hallways. Calculate the amount of wood to buy based on strip width and spacing width.

Fast and simple installation allows you to quickly transform any space. To give cheaper softwood slats a more premium look resembling hardwood, stain the wood with walnut, oak, mahogany, or another dark stain. Be sure to start with wood conditioner so the stain will evenly cover the wood rather than looking blotchy. If you love the look of 3D wooden wall panels, but have concerns about maintaining their appearance, then you will appreciate your Ceraftivaart 3D Wide Slat Wall Panels. The tv wall decor carries on up and over the living room ceiling, to join with the slatted wall on the opposite side of the room.

Wood panels used to be the absolute craze in interior design. But as the trends changed, many homeowners decided to remove them, claiming they don’t look good anymore. A modern version of classic wood panels is making a comeback – it’s often referred to as wooden slat wall.

Our mission has always been to source the world’s finest quality wood from sustainable sources and then maintain the continuity of supply. Dorota is an economist by profession, but her biggest hobby is photography and interior design. If you like this kind of work and find it relaxing – sure.

Most clients would think it will be easier to stain or colour match their existing wood interior or exterior with maple, in fact, it is the opposite. Despite it being one of the lighter woods out free printable wood patterns there, Maple is not ideal for staining. Gray grey slate stone wall panel with polished finished, pac… Install the acoustic panels directly on the battens with screws (min. 3.5mm × 35mm).